ShubhamShree Sharma

QA Analyst

I worked with Nikhil, he is quite cool and genuine person, we discussed many issues but dint have QA dev fight because he used to takes thing in positive way.

Sandip Phapale

Associate Consultant a Capgemini

My biggest professional asset is not my past experience or educational background – it is a mix of the skills and street smartness I have learnt from you. From finding me a date to being a motivating workmate, you have been the best buddy.I appreciate your skills and attitude to work. It seems like there will be no problem that you can’t solve. You’re simply the best. Thanks for being my colleague and my mentor.

Nikhil Gandhi

Sr. Associate - Cognizant

Nikhil is a great Colleague to work, very simple down to earth, helpful whom u can always rely. He is easy going and approachable, great commitment towards work, result-oriented and straight forward person. He is very professional and competitive when it comes to work. He is very detail oriented person who has in depth knowledge on the technologies he works on and having excellent knowledge.

Arif Doni

Project Manager- E-Zest

Nikhil is a sincere and honest guy. Professionally inclined towards. Has the ability to work independently and also to lead team. Best quality of him is his transparent nature. May you do great in your work and personal life. All the very best,